Welcome to The Crafty Teacher Mom!

I am excited to welcome you to my blog!  You know all those cool projects you see on Pinterest?  Well I actually do a lot of them and this blog will give you step by step instructions so you to can complete them for yourself.  As indicated in the title I am also a teacher and a mom so there will be things about that as well.  I love to share my ideas whether they are for a cute craft project and short cuts to help out the working mom and how I do it on a teacher’s very modest salary (coupons anyone?)  As I get more accostomed to the ins and outs of the blgging program I am using, I also intend to provide links to the products I use, price breakdowns and tips on how to get stuff cheap.  While this is not going to be a site dedicated to frugal living, it is so much a part of the way I have always lived my life that it can’t help but be a part of this blog.

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